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tv   News Weekly  RT  October 27, 2013 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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place that some gulag of our time. eavesdropping on allies the latest in a say leak shows the agency has been monitoring with german chancellor cell phone for over a decade adding fuel than to europe's frustration over u.s. surveillance practices also this week. i remember flying out of the window and suddenly i was on the street and panic talking to survivors of the suicide blast that hit a crowded bus in the russian city of volgograd. america's man killing machines to a condemnation from amnesty international and human rights watch you say the drone strikes in pakistan and yemen may constitute war crimes. and the syrian government presents a full list now of its chemical weapons that it plans to destroy them while one
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thousand opposition groups refused to attend the long awaited peace conference in geneva. hello very good morning if you just joined us money was kevin zero in it's live from moscow just after midnight here now and this is our weekly top stories the last seven days first the german chancellor has been a target of u.s. surveillance for over a decade according to a league tennis a document obtained by german media it follows earlier reports of american spies tapping the phones of dozens of world leaders in a phone call to president obama merkel said it would be a breach of trust if the monitoring is confirmed she also said quote spying among friends there she goes doesn't work a bomber apparently apologized and reportedly claimed to. no prior knowledge it was
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going on germany's build newspaper though goes as far as suggesting he actually encouraged the bugging of merkel's phone it's something he denies leaked documents no show that her number was on the n.s.a.'s watch list from two thousand and two three years before she became chancellor former french prime minister dominic developer and says he never expected american surveillance to go this far we knew that. some practices were existed but the search and overall system this came as a surprise for everybody in fact what we are seeing today is that the incredible privileges of the u.s. administration or the control of the world system we knew that the u.s. for controlling the financial system through the banking dominance of some big banks through the dollar currency reserve currency but controlling internet controlling the information you know well this is
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a privilege in monopoly if we are going to follow up in the same direction then confrontation might be electable so you leaders are demanding explanations from washington from some germany are pushing for a new deal on transatlantic surveillance angered by reports that the n.s.a. has been tracking the phone calls of thirty five world leaders and in your statement warned that black a truss could harm is partnership with washington and germany is to meet with brazil to try to push for a u.n. resolution restraining u.s. surveillance but u.n. diplomat load of a noose told us europe's anger is unlikely to go beyond formal statements. on the longer term and a few weeks after the media gone down the big issue it will just go on and business as usual that is my expectation there are not that big any real measures that it will remain states for mental problem i mean did their problem is not that they're spying their problem is the score that part of this year that they have been caught
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at spying not that's another that's another matter altogether their defeat is why do they do it not just terrorists do they're for economic reasons they want to know what europe is going to do to world the brics countries who are easier to war because they are a free that they are losing ground to the rest of shock waves a big felt as well thousands rallied in washington d.c. on saturday venting their anger against the n.s.a. and demanding reforms of federal surveillance laws the protest was billed as the largest pro privacy demonstration of fact in american history from where art has gone a chick can reports now. thousands of people gathered here on the anniversary of the signing of the patriot act twelve years ago they believe that was the day when in the name of fighting terror their rights have been taken away from them they believe that the tradeoff between security and privacy is a false one people here say that they are tired of lies that the government has been telling to cover up their mass spying after all just
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a year ago the director of national intelligence james clapper said no when asked whether the n.s.a. was collecting data on millions of americans edward snowden's revelations of course confirmed that was a lie in the latest i've heard was that just within a month the n.s.a. spied on more than one hundred and twenty four billion phone calls worldwide that means that every single person on earth is facing the risk of being caught up in the n.s.a. dragnet and the person edward snowden thanks to whom this protest is happening is now holed up in russia because here in the states he would sure be in jail by now people at this rally dows of people in fact demand a meaningful surveillance a long way for him they came with a petition signed by more than five hundred thousand people demanding congress investigate the n.s.a. spying programs the senate judiciary and intelligence committees planned hearings on those programs so they want to make sure that their voices are heard actually
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one of the main messages of this rally is watch the watchers but the question is is it really possible because so far any light that's been shed on the watchers was through whistleblowers in washington i'm going to check on. what he says not only buckle for privacy as well as expert analysis on those and i say legs of the trigger. a suicide bomber killed six people in volgograd in southern russia dozens more were injured when the blast went off in a packed bus the front retrace the events of the day. october twenty first started just like any other monday here in boca gras people woke up with places to go and things to get done heavily using bus stations just like this but for several people needing bus number twenty nine they could never have foreseen how quickly their lives would change when they took that ride. the route ran
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without incident from morning till afternoon until one person got on board thirty year old lie you see all of that is when things took a tragic turn and it starts to the very end of all it was on her way home from classes at the university laughing and talking with the other students crucially it was in the middle of the bus which stayed true to life. when the blast hit everything around me went flying and then i don't remember anything i remember flying out of the window and suddenly i was on the street and in a panic i understood that something happened with my hands i was covered in blood but it was right here at about two pm local time that a blast ripped through bus twenty nine filled with about forty people first responders thought it was perhaps a malfunction of the bus fuel systems but aside from the shop they felt to ask themselves if this was a gas explosion was the fire. that broke loose rock or that everybody in the
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blast was touching their faces and heads asking what happened what happened there was a lot of blood on them and a lot of flesh everywhere i was very afraid i got out of my car and i saw a headline there me and my friend took a young boy and his father to the hospital the remnants of an explosive. shrapnel t.n.t. and a grenade the accident site became a crime scene while r.c.l. over a.g. hardest from republic of dagestan became the central focus of the investigation authorities will be keen to find her husband teacher sokol of an ethnic russian convert to islam missing since two thousand and twelve in the hope he may have the answers lindsey france r.t. in volgograd. so the kona program went home becomes a war zone. whatever happens i will not leave my house again i would like to destroy the laws and be on the menu and one or two reports in the devastated syrian
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city of the other and mixed families who refused to abandon the. americas ongoing unmanned aerial strikes in pakistan and yemen should be regarded as war crimes according to a report this week from amnesty international it's despite the us government's attempts to play down the level of civilian deaths from its drone campaign let's take a look at some of the numbers in the news wall here it all began back in two thousand and four under the bush administration the number of drone victims so dramatically through two thousand and six when almost one hundred people were killed and another escalation up to two thousand and eight seventy five people lost their lives the following year where barack obama took office the killings reached two hundred sixty two then all egos a record number of strikes from unmanned jets were recorded over the next twelve months when at two hundred twenty two the drone war continues there barbara administration's responsible in fact for about ninety percent of strikes carried out since two thousand and four almost a thousand civilians have been killed including two hundred children some estimates
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put the total number of drone for search for to tell if he's in the region above three and a half thousand are his duty catherine off looks them into this latest report from amnesty international. the predator drone remotely controlled and heavily armed it's the weapon of choice in the cia's under cleared war in pakistan that's where the u.s. is believed to have launched more than three hundred strikes since two thousand and four the target suspected taliban and al qaeda militants the white house says better drones then boots on the ground and justifies the covert program as both affective and legal america does not take strikes to punish individuals we act against terrorists who pose a continuing and imminent threat to the american people not so according to amnesty international in a damning new report the human rights group warns u.s. drone strikes could amount to war crimes documents recent killings in pakistan's northwest tribal areas and the lack of transparency surrounding drones this is
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a secret program in fact in our case we've found at least in some cases they've clearly killed civilians and some of these cases might be war crimes that really concerns us one such case is that of sixty eight year old man nama bibi killed by a u.s. drone last october she was picking vegetables with her grandchildren when that attacks took place a double strike the children miraculously survived. first it was so then i heard that. the first hit and the second hit my cousin. but her grandmother's body was pulverized these missile fragments are all that remain amnesty documents other such cases but its main point the need for transparency and accountability the u.s. must explain why these people have been killed people who are clearly civilians must provide justice to these people compensation it must investigate those were sponsored for those killings now in a separate report
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a un investigation looked at thirty three drone strikes around the world not just in pakistan that violated international humanitarian law and also resulted in hundreds of civilian casualties that report also calling for more transparency and accountability from the united states reporting from moscow i'm lucy catherine of. coming up a convicted terrorist as well free in spain following a european court ruling out apparently it's all the name of human rights we'll look at the protests then sparked by that controversial really bring you some analysis on it after the break. we'll come to the. show thirty four countries spend over fifteen billion euros on culture that says to be one hundred eighty million degrees with some talk among north to south from same piece bits of france we travel in such
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a song. we've got the future covered. two years after the force ouster of gadhafi by nato forces libya stands at the abyss the lack of a strong central government weak rule of law and the endless violence in a country awash with weapons has resulted in libya facing a failed state status add to this the presence of islamic militants can things get any worse in libya.
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the weaker an artist could have a company in madrid thousands of people protested against a court ruling in favor the basque separatist movement the european court of human rights has ordered spain to release one of the armed groups most notorious members in his deal rio had been in jail in fact since the late eighty's for her role in twenty three killings the spanish government accepted the ruling but then warned that it sets a dangerous president john laughlin from the institute of democracy in cooperation says the strength court's doing exactly the opposite of what it was set up for it's incredible isn't it that the european court of human rights should intervene in this way to alleviate the sentence of the woman who has been convicted to due process of the murder of more than twenty three people this woman is a mass murderer and the idea that a body the european court of human rights which was set up to safeguard citizens against the abuses that could be committed by states against their own citizens
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that such a body should now be as it were in to beaning in favor of people who have themselves grossly abused the rights of citizens by murdering them. cover stories online the crypto currency big coins battle for maintenance acceptance is gaining momentum as we report now the first ever a.t.m. allowing customers to turn their big corners into hard cash is a proud to be launched in canada it takes a while for you to get your head around if you want to get more details on that it's on our website and their profits may be skyrocketing but managing however to steer clear of the tax man how to find out what tools the riches corporations in the us are using them at r.t. dot com. georgia has finished voting for a new president bringing to an end mikhail saakashvili decade in power ballots are still being counted but exit polls now point to a result of victory for your be marvellous who's not spoken opponent of the
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outgoing leader r.t. is rare for national is in the georgian capital tbilisi and did polls just as it was expected to put forty four year old philosopher goldie about whether she really confident of the country's prime minister visine or even is really a had of twenty two other candidates including the candidate of the country's outgoing president mikhail saakashvili crowds of former parliamentary speaker has only come out to the media and concerned his defeat and congratulated his rival although. come out in two weeks and officially tactically the intrigue still remains but this vote is less about choosing the country's future but rather same goodbye to the country's past and to the outgoing present make us like us really has almost ten year long presidency and with this vote so how was the legacy of make us like us really is my report on that. they are among the maize
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determined detractors of georgia's outgoing president. they follow me really everywhere to leave him in no doubt of where they stand. circus really was the once popular leader of the rose revolution the first color evolution which saw power change in post soviet republics. in the last days of his near ten year presidency even former allies on the attack. after his successes started building an authoritarian regime the media was attacked one million people fled one quarter of the population went through the penal system they were either arrested or interrogated in two thousand and seven police used tear gas and rubber bullets against protesters want government to resign. in two thousand and eleven they did it again. boudin i'm
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ugly there are people who are afraid to express or even have their opinion if they faced injustice they failed to report it more as it could affect their families. told me his brother used to run the state audit office and claims he was tortured in jail when he took his case to the human rights cauldron strasberg told nikki says he too was arrested over fabricated case becoming another recognised political prisoner. i got eight and a half years if it wasn't for new premie ivanishvili i wouldn't have. and people selfishness party last but this georgian media veteran says the public
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euphoria his defeat is tempered by how much the people had already lost individually and electromotive georgian people are still and a nation with history and we started to live in it we started moving away from our salvia past to be our heroes of the our genius he managed to convince then tile world and under the flag of democracy we got fascists as george's and after it votes for many here it's less about welcome in the future but say goodbye to their past the law prevents me from running for president again now has a mission is life far away from politics in the wiseness but the public seems in no mood to simply let him fade into the background there is a strong desire here in georgia for circus really to be broad justice and it seems his detractors want to stop until that thirst is quite just there if not now r.t. tbilisi georgia some international news headlines making news right now chinese
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immigrant in new york city stabbing is his cousin's wife along with the four children the victims of front of their apartment in brooklyn on saturday night the motive for the crime remains unclear the suspect had been staying with the family in the past week. in the early five people being killed and scores injured in a string of blasts before the start of a political rally the explosions happened just before appearance by opposition politician the renderer modi who's a candidate for prime minister in next year's election bombs went off a train station and later near the venue of the political gathering groups said it carried out the attacks. the syrian government's submitted its plan now to destroy its chemical weapons meeting an internationally imposed deadline however peace efforts in the country have been dealt a setback nineteen opposition groups refusing to take part in the long awaited geneva conference which was supposed to have brought all sides to the negotiating table for a pentagon official michael maloof says the rebels including extremist factions
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have been emboldened by continuing western support the united states cannot be caught in the position of giving arms to the moderate so-called moderates when in fact most of those weapons would go to the opposition they just take them away in the at the extremists already control about seven of the eleven palestinian camps already in in in syria and they're using them as a base of operations and they're intimidating the moderates in the moderates of course are. against the more extreme elements and they just don't have the the capability in the fight in the fight in part of the fighting power to do that meanwhile there's no letup in syria's civil war which is increasingly putting ethnic and religious groups against each other kurdish government has seized a key crossing on the border with iraq fighting back islam is the group's paulus leaders in the war torn country she's been investigating the plight of another minority the palestinians whose own homes have come
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a battle front line. this is young walk south damascus ten months ago it was home to one point two million palestinians today ten percent remain the price of world peace so it's acutely here where it's divided families and pitted brother against brother. they betrayed us we cannot trust them anymore eight days ago abu movie and his wife came home for ten long months they'd lived on the streets not once giving up the hope they'd return this is what way to them and the welcome we are coming to kill you bashar scribbled on the walls. whatever happens i will not leave my house again i would like to destroy the walls in the room again a mother could not be worse than this girl for one year syria's palestinians managed to stay out of the conflict but the infiltration of foreign fighters with big dreams and even bigger promises of money forced the residents of young men to
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choose sides and take up arms against people they've known their whole lives and them. from friends fighting on the other side in us and here are not friends anymore the ones with from our house and destroyed our homes are not going up. with war each day a bomb leaves to fight them but not before he stuck furniture high against the windows to protect his family from snipers life inside these political little girls is as dangerous as it is outside his two sons as vulnerable as their mother every time the father walks out the door but it's always a painful for world all movie carefully culp's her husband prepare for battle she knows he needs to go but each time he leaves behind the same one on said question. every day when he says goodbye i wonder if he will come back on not like when he
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got injured he didn't come back i want to find him in hospital there are a lot of men like him and women like me. but not a lot of fighters have bought the families back to. the snipers on shooting range and three days earlier shrapnel from a bullet had blinded up always left eye but the thirty three year old doesn't have a choice he has nowhere else to leave his family and while the southern part of your milk is still in the hands of the rebels his home what remains of it has been feedback palestinians who like i believe we are fighting alongside the syrian army and. when i go to the battlefield my mind is always with my family and i hope i will come back safe to download them because they care of them and i pray that if i get more tears they will find tender people to look after and. the fun time is near two streets away but for abu movie and his comrades the battle hits closer to home
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each time they take aim to secure the streets for their families often it's a neighbor friend and sometimes even a brother who is pointing a gun back at them one of the r.t. yarmuk syria. european leaders are facing some tough choices on immigration a series of deadly ship rocks and involving refugees as failed to deter migrants though fleeing poverty conflict in the one to examine that shortly tonight. a series of car blasts across the rocks killed at least fifty four people would have many more mostly attacks were around baghdad targeting shiite muslim districts the country's in the grip of its worst sectarian bloodshed in years with almost a thousand people killed last month alone investigative journalist gareth porter says iraq's still reeling from the u.s. led invasion and occupation. this has to be understood as one of the most
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serious consequences of the u.s. intervention in iraq which was clearly not anticipated but which should have been anticipated by u.s. policymakers which is the fact that there was no al qaeda presence no al qaeda capability for terrorism in iraq really before the u.s. intervened and within a year of u.s. troops arriving in iraq al qaeda was a major factor in the in the war there this is a perennial problem it's not any closer to being solved now than it was a couple of years ago and there doesn't seem to be any way out of it that the iraqi government is capable of providing craig's at a crossroads deciding whether to face east to west point and not run twenty minutes first though it's the week's business news invention capital. most of the missions that soldiers are sent to under the pretext of terrorism
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prevention are in many ways targeting the civilians that have nothing to do. with the actual attacks against israeli targets. deliberate design the epic journey to structure. one hundred twenty three days. through to see my number two cities of russia. relayed by fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand coming. in a record setting trip. their. numbers face. olympic torch relay. on r t r c dot com.
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welcome to venture capital so this week's pay in money is she drank itself out of recession is it too early to get excited when i get this isn't just a moment also i will say bring a real spine years into the studio to get his take on the situation as well as spying allegations hitting the u.s. and europe could affect a multi-billion dollar trade deal with corporate is to come as well as mr schoen thomason house investor he told us from singapore we'll see how he's getting on with his trace so stay. come let's start with spain. spain's economy is officially out of recession after more than two years growth in the euro zone's
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fourth biggest economy grew nor point one percent driven by exports and with the country's main stock index there having gained over fifty share with foreign investors becoming attracted once again to the nation's markets associates but when it comes to the real economy the story is quite different domestic demand remains flat and even though unemployment has fallen slightly thanks to a busy two receipts and over a quarter of spanish people are still unemployed and one in two young people are still unable to get a job so to get a better idea as to what's happening to the spanish economy i'm joined right now by steen jacobsen from saxo bank so stephen as we know the spanish economy managed to drag itself out of recession. we've got a growth of no point one percent now can i just get your view what do you take from that no point one percent growth.